polycarbonate (PC) – polyester (PET)

  • black track-etched membranes
  • A powerful tool for a direct observation and a rapid quantification of animal cells or micro-organisms.

    bacteria retained by track-etched membrane filters
  • black track-etched membranes
  • Material: polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET)
  • Color: true black color with no background auto-fluorescence
  • Options: grey color and PVP treatment
  • Sterilisation: gamma-rays
  • Smooth and flat surface with a low non-specific absorption ensuring the capture of all micro-organisms in one plan (no micro-organism captured within the bulk filter)



standard thickness  from 25 µm thick PC film

Dyed PC – standard thickness


standard thickness  from 23 µm thick PET film

Dyed PET – standard thickness

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