At it4ip, track-etching technology enables us to manufacture micro- and nano-porous track-etched membrane filters with multiple and varied applications, such as asbestos fibre detection, blood filtration, cancer cell scanning or the synthesis of micro and nano-objects.

Responding to the needs of our customers, our products meet strict quality standards; they are characterised by a precise filtration threshold ranging from 10 nano-metres to several dozen microns, a very small thickness and specific surface properties.

developer, manufacturer and supplier of track-etched membrane

Track-etching technology involves irradiating thin polymer films with energetic particles, leading to the formation of latent tracks which are then converted into regular pores by a specific chemical treatment.  This technology is put into practice in a clean room and is suitable for continuous production in the form of rolls measuring several hundred metres.

With a current production and conversion capacity of 150,000 square metres per year, we deliver a wide range of products to our customers worldwide in the form of rolls, sheets, discs or other forms at their request.  We also offer OEM solutions under their own brand.

For more than 35 years, we have used our knowledge and expertise to serve our customers by developing outstanding products adapted to their needs, and in complete confidentiality.  Our flexibility, responsiveness and production performance are the strengths that make our company successful.

Our vision is to stay at the forefront of innovation and continually improve the efficiency and quality of our products. As we are aware that building our future also means being more responsible, we are working on the development of bio-sourced products.

At it4ip, we trust all of our employees to provide the best services and the highest quality products to all our customers around the world.

Competences and activities

Development, manufacturing and conversion of track-etched polymer membrane filters:

  • finished products tailored to customer applications
  • wide range of products – white, black, transparent
  • various materials available – polycarbonate, polyester, polyimide
  • wide selection of specifications – porosity, pore size, thickness, pore alignment

competences and activities

Knowledge and expertise

With over 30 years of experience, it4ip S.A. is a leader in track-etching technology with knowledge gained through product customisation sustained by state-of-the-art research and development activities.

Our team continuously improves products and manufacturing machines to serve customer needs.

Strong production capacities and high quality

Thanks to our several in-house etching lines, we possess a strong capacities for production.  All our products are manufactured and converted in a clean room environment and under a strict quality control.

Over 200 clients worldwide

We commonly supply all our products all over the world serving international retailers, diagnostic companies and laboratories, medical companies, biotechnology companies, and academic and research institutes.

our clients of track-etched membrane filters

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