The company in a few words …

Who are we?

CREATED IN 2006, it4ip S.A. is a private company based on technologies developed in Belgium at the ‘Université catholique de Louvain’ from the 80’s.

‘it4ip’ is also the acronym of ION TRACK TECHNOLOGY FOR (4) INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS, where the number ‘4’ reflects the group of 4 people being at the origin of the project.

What we do?

it4ip : vision and missionThe competences and activities of it4ip S.A. focus on track-etched polymer membrane filters, and on their manufacturing, processing and conversion from raw polymer films up to finished products tailored to customer applications.

Our vision is to drive the creation of an array of solutions based on the track-etching technology to efficiently tackle the world’s toughest challenges in various high-tech industries.

Team and experience

With over 30 years of experience, it4ip S.A. is a leader in track-etching technology with knowledge gained through product customisation sustained by state-of-the-art research and development activities.  Our team continuously improves products and machines to serve customer needs.

All our activities are strengthened by a large expertise in polymer science and cell biotechnology that enables the design and production of innovative products and of filtration devices for specialised applications (as e.g. healthcare, diagnosis, energy, …).​

All our production operators are trained and certified to all the processes of track etching technology.

Capacities, quality and supply

Thanks to our several in-house etching lines, we possess a strong capacities for production.  All our products are manufactured and converted in a clean room environment and under a strict quality control.

We currently supply all our products all over the world using the service of well known international transportation companies.